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COURAGE for CHANGE April 25, 2009

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The recognition and advancement of the government employees’ rights, welfare and interests emanated from the concrete practice of their concerted actions.

In the pursuit of our just economic demands and democratic rights, to make better our service for the people and in the process of linking and raising our issues with the struggles of the other sectors, we ascertain that palpable gains are realized primarily through correct analysis and position, organized strength and militant collective action.

Our experiences have shown that through our unwavering campaigns and struggles as well as militancy and vigilance, we have won concrete victories that include improving the working and living conditions of the employees and even impeded programs and policies of the government which are inimical to the interest of the employees and the people in general. However, parliamentary work is an important mode and venue to drum up support for specific issues and struggles. Its role and value was realized from the determined and fruitful experience of the sector’s struggle for reforms particularly because legislation affects all issues concerning the government employees – their salaries and/or compensation package, jobs and job security, self-organization and other democratic rights.

Effectively, the sector needs to go through legislation in the process of its sectoral collective negotiation. Moreover, through the organized section of government workers and employees, the sector has long united with other marginalized sectors in their own arena of struggle for reforms and their aspiration for genuine change.

Thus, these reasons have brought to fore the issue of meaningful representation and how to optimize the parliamentary work considering that the Philippine Congress as seen by its results and its historical roots essentially serve the interest of those that composed it. Majority of them, both in the Lower House and the Senate come from the landlord class, big businesses, bureaucrats and traditional politicos. In fact, Congress has been instrumental in perpetuating a political and economic system where the people live in abject poverty and are repressed, and legislations are passed according to how it will condone foreign interests and policies. As such, we need to make our voices heard; to initiate, push and assert our sectoral legislative agenda; and advance the peoples’ democratic aspirations.

The introduction of the Party List System in the 1987 Philippine Constitution is part of the people’s victorious response that led to the ouster of the Marcos dictatorship. Moreover, the decision of the marginalized sectors to take advantage of the electoral struggle and be able to gain an increasing number of representatives deserves great recognition and support.

The TIME HAS COME for the COURAGE Party List: This time, when we say genuine representation, we mean a representative from our own ranks – our own voice – the COURAGE of the government employees in Congress. It is composed of present and former workers and employees of the government, the families of government employees and others who believe and espouse the principles and objectives of the COURAGE PARTY LIST, committed to protect and advance the economic and democratic rights and interests of the public employees and dedicated to uphold good governance and promote the peoples’ agenda and aspirations. COURAGE PARTYLIST of employees in CONGRESS for genuine public sector employees’ representation.

COURAGE PARTYLIST of Employees for meaningful participation of employees in the electoral process. The employees are in a critically important position to channel their efforts in working for the success of having their very own representative, make the electoral campaign as a venue to propagate the peoples’ issues and sustain their own anti-fraud campaign during the election period.

COURAGE PARTYLIST of Employees for change. Government employees as part of the middle force are positive force for change. They are effective articulators and advocates that can influence public opinion and perceptions and even take the hall of Congress to propagate, deliberate and debate for the peoples’ agenda and aspirations. A seat or more in the Congress is a show of force for the sector.